When we first designed GTax, we thought of different things that can make data entry and processing easy and painless, while we do most of the work for you when it comes to calculating benefits values and submitting these benefits to HMRC, you are still required to enter employee's details into the system to produce their benefits. This process, however, can be straight forward by allowing data sharing between administrators and employees.

One of the powerful tools available to you as an administrator of employees records is the employee details request, this tool allows you to securely select different sets of details to be entered, confirmed or modified by the concerned employee, when you have decided what information you want the employee to modify an email will be sent to them with instructions to confirm or modify their details.

You will be able to control the request workflow and type of details that can be changed, when the process is done you will have a full history of the information that have been changed and their processing time with the ability to roll back changes made by the others.