If there is a change that affects car benefits for an employee earning at the rate of £8,500 a year or more or a director for whom a car is made available for private use, P46 (Car) form needs to be completed and returned to HMRC within 28 days of the end of the quarter to 5 July, 5 October, 5 January or 5 April in which the change takes place. 

While the frequency of submission is high, GTax can help you reducing time taken to complete this submission by:

  • Completing the calculation of Car and Car fuel values, no matter how complicated this is, producing final results can be achieved within seconds.

  • Submitting forms online; calculation and submission can be done instantly, you will receive an immediate reply from HMRC confirming the status of your submission.

  • Carrying forward vehicle allocation for future submissions.

Fleet Management

In addition to the employees benefit management, GTax helps you to manage your company fleet by organising vehicles available to your employees, this includes vehicle availability at certain dates, calculating emissions for listed vehicles, and automatically updating vehicles information to match recent technical details received from the official UK source for car fuel consumption and exhaust emissions figures.